Langkawi Has World Class Diving And Snorkelling

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The tropical paradise island of Langkawi within Malaysia is recognized by travel insiders as one of the globe’s leading nature destinations together with age old old growth rainforest, breathtaking ancient mountain ranges, in addition to spectacular wildlife including hornbills, monitor lizards, monkeys along with rare species such as colugo.

The island features a modern day cable car, a top intercontinental Regatta, a highly regarded world bicycle race plus a new Four Seasons hotel which appears to be sure to turn into Asia’s premiere honeymoon vacation location.

The interesting news flash is that Langkawi visitors have just acquired entry to the nearby Tarutao National recreation area in Thailand which resembles the heaven utilized for those wonderful Bounty Chocolate Bar ads with azure waters, pristine sand shorelines plus much more. Tarutao is normally only accessible by little boats through Satun Isle for a few months each year, but a new ferry boat service coming from Langkawi will help make this specific maritime haven available to Langkawi visitors year round.

The islands of Ko Lipe, Ko Adang, Koh Tarutao along with 40 more that comprise the actual Tarutao National recreation area within Thailand are well-known to divers around the globe as the fantasy getaway that is hard to gain access to. They have kilometers of vibrant reefs, white powder fine sand seashores, a multitude of top class diving sites and substantial concentrations of amazing underwater life including dolphins, whale sharks, manta, migrating whales, turtles and much more.

This wonderful top class underwater play ground is now available year round to visitors to Langkawi a result of a brand new ferryboat service beginning 7 August 2006. The actual ferryboat service has been made attainable through the cooperation of your Thai and Malaysian authorities and the opening up of a Thai Consulate in Langkawi recently.

Daytrips to the national park from Langkawi will probably operate 3 times each week plus more frequently for the duration of high season. The daytrips have the one-hour ferry journey, island hopping by speedboat, snorkel items in addition to a smorgasboard lunch with refreshments.

Specific outings include scuba diving trips with 3 dives, game fishing trips (catch & release), along with a carefully guided ecotour to explore the island’s corals and woods that has an experienced naturalist.


All You Need To Know About Used Scuba Products

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When you are planning to try your hands at scuba diving, then you certainly need to have experienced a number of realizations. The first is that diving is not as straightforward as it looks. Regarded technically as a sport activity, scuba just isn’t like many other sports activities mainly because it calls for not simply conditioning of a specific body region but alternatively general well being as well as fitness. Yet another discouraging and in all probability scary realization you might have had is that the total price which scuba comes means a good deal. Therefore, in order to play the game, you might have to spend some huge cash. This is exactly the reason diving is known as an elitist sport activity by some – just a few men and women have enough money to scuba dive as much as they like since it requires lots of money. In case you are planning to become one of those particular individuals, it might be time for you to locate stores where you could purchase used diving products.

Why do i need to invest in second hand scuba equipment?

Second-hand diving gear is scuba equipment which has been used for a particular length of time. It’s possible you’ll chuckle at the concept of purchasing second-hand scuba diving equipment. This is definitely not surprising because the notion of buying something that has already been used by some other men and women might seem unimaginable and even ridiculous. On the other hand, the price through which scuba diving gear comes for can be extremely demanding, and yes it could be very irrational for you to get a brand new number of every single instrument and gizmo required in your scuba dive gear. As an alternative to opting for this sort of irrational approach, the sole option for your situation is to obtain second hand diving gear. Ultimately, you’ll save lots of cash while not actually reducing the quality. Make sure you take into account that, often, you will need to compromise your values as a way to obtain what’s going to be, ultimately, effective for you.

Furthermore, it is best to take a look at purchasing pre-owned diving equipment in the event you don’t believe you’ll utilize it regularly. If you plan to obtain scuba diving equipment because you’ll need some any time you take a trip – which is an activity that only comes about every once in a while – in that case, you should really consider second-hand scuba dive equipment.

What elements must i look out for in obtaining used scuba dive gear?

Admittedly, it is not ideal for someone to obtain an overall used scuba equipment set. Such as, if you are going to shop for a comprehensive pre-owned scuba gear kit. which includes a previously owned scuba dive diving suit, then you definately could possibly have an issue with that. A pre-owned scuba wetsuit suggests that the diving suit hasn’t merely been used from head to toe by way of the initial possessor, but it has been expanded to its limits. You should not assume the medium size of a completely new scuba dive wetsuit to generally be exactly the same dimensions of any medium-sized second-hand scuba dive wetsuit. For the reason that the material has long been expanded, and maybe a little bit of harm has been done to the item. A dive mask is a really individual fit and really should not be purchased second hand, on the other hand fins last a long time and so are an excellent second-hand purchase.As a result, make sure you research the question of acquiring pre-owned scuba dive gear very carefully. For all you know, you might be shopping for many of the drastically wrong pieces when it comes to second hand scuba gear.

But there are also outstanding alternatives for second-hand scuba diving gear. For example, purchasing a second hand underwater compass may be perfect, as an underwater compass can be something that will not easily stop working. Additionally, buying a brand spanking new compass is very pricey. All things considered, the cost whereby a brand new compass comes just isn’t worthwhile. You can aquire the same level of quality using a second-hand diving compass, if you look hard enough.

The Ultimate scuba vacations

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1. Rangiroa, Polynesia

Not many islands have caught my imagination like Polynesia, and the amazing islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago, about 240 miles from Tahiti, felt incredibly remote. Rangiroa means “Long Sky” and it is one of the largest atolls on the planet. Two channels, named Tiputa and Avatoru, allow the Pacific into and out of the atoll two times daily when the tides turn. I remember being carried through by the outgoing tide and sharing the ride with a bunch of grey reef sharks and sometimes large hammerhead sharks, too. It is high adventure diving, but on shore, the atoll is one of the most relaxing places you could hope for.

2.The Cod Hole, Cairns Australia

Discovered by world famous undersea photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor. Huge potato cod are very friendly, since they have been hand fed for over 20 years. Fish feeds are usualy done by Dive Instructors. See clouds of cod, red bass and many more species. Drop to the sandy spaces area between the reefs, where you can observe the fish feeding from above. See 200 pound cod sucking at the food. Other marine life includes average coral cover, anemones and schools of pyramid butterflyfish as well as Solomon’s sweetlip and huge feathered stars. Departing from Cairns or Port Douglas with various dive operators visiting the Cod Hole in their Great Barrier Reef Dive Trips.

3. Cocos and Malpelo, Eastern Pacific

These two uninhabited islands are frequented only by divers and crew of the Colombian navy. I have hardly ever heard stories of of anyone diving to Cocos and not experiencing groups of grey nurse sharks, night time feeding frenzies by silky sharks. Both islands are marine parks and have their own unique land and sea creatures. The islands are incredibly beautiful, and their location gives them a degree of protection. Large groups of tuna and jacks come swooping in from the depths and there are more than two dozen endemic fish species on Malpelo by itself, including the weird looking red-lipped batfish. The only way to dive the islands is on a dedicated safari boat such as the Ocean Hunter.

4. Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo

Malaysia’s only offshore island is a small dot in the South China Sea. Underwater it is a magnet for fish: schools of barracuda and horse-eye jacks swarm over the reefs, which are also home to lots of breeding green turtles. The turtles are not afraid of scuba divers and I have yet to find a better dive site to get up close to these gentlest of reptiles. Shark sightings are reliably good here, though the currents can be strong and I would not recommend Sipadan for less experienced divers. Close by, the reefs of Kapalai are good for sighting rare mandarin fish (I saw them mating at dusk) and sea wasps.

5.Galapagos Islands

Made famous by Charles Darwin and the Beagle, this group of islands is a place with experiences like nowhere else place on the planet. The Galapagos Islands, under the control of Ecuador, are much more than where the theory of evoloution was born. Amazing discoveries are available to the average layman diver as well, as divers can mingle freely underwater with tortoises as well as Iguanas and a myriad of other marine creatures.

Our Aussie Part of our Round the World Trip

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Australia had been the subsequent destination on our entire world journey way back in March this year. Although we weren’t joking when we mentioned Fiji as well as Australia could well be our pricey nations. Practically 50 % the budget spent, it seemed. Again, we were not ready for the horrific exchange rates. This time it had been $1.10 USD for $1 AUD. That’s right – Australian $ was stronger. Perfect for all of them, much less beneficial to us.

Accommodations: You might assume lodging with buddies would assist our holiday accommodation funds. Really not, yet we are both extremely gracious to our close friends for putting us up us in Melbourne and a portion of our Queensland stay. Regrettably, simply no good luck couchsurfing, so we stayed in budget hotels and got a wonderful deal on a pleasant house in Palm Cove.

Getting Around: We adopted the average Eastern Coast option, choosing to take the Oz Experience Bus from Melbourne to Cairns for our 6 weeks around australia. We hired a car to move from Cairns to Port Douglas.

Eating Out: We were so over doing our own food in backpackers. Sausage rolls and the $5 meatlovers pizza from Pizza Haven (startlingly good) ended up being the option for a quick fix. We splurged a bit in Brisbane going out to restaurants with good friends. We got our Far east food fix around Melbourne, and remarkably, it truly was very affordable as well as scrumptious.

Activities to do: There’s just so very much for you to do outdoors, we tried as many as we could fit in. Water-skiing and kayaking the Queensland Islands, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, 3-days camping on Fraser Island, kite surfing and much more.

Favorite city: Sydney suits us, it reminds us of Los Angeles. However we were happily surprised just how much we loved Victoria|Queensland fits our style, it reminds us of New Orleans. However we were happily surprised how much all of us loved Sydney|Sydney matches our style, it reminds us of New York. But we were impressed just how much all of us liked Melbourne. We figured it would be congested, touristy and expensive. Sure, it turned out to be simply that yet we enjoyed the crowds as well as taking in the sights and were able to locate inexpensive foods as well. We love the layout of the city limits – the unique communities, diversified lifestyle, shopping district, multi-cultural delicacies – along with the Botanical Gardens, harbor as well as Opera House helps make this city one of the prettiest big cities we’ve found.

Least Favorite city: Hervey Bay. It’s really simply a departure point for Fraser Island. There isn’t anything else. Though just one cool feature there is the bat migration that occurs through every setting sun.

Very best bit of Australia: Being able to view special animals which are native to Australia such as kangaroos and much more at the Australia Zoo park.

Worst dissapointment: Not travelling to the Gold Coast. The locals talked about it plus we’ve come across only positive things from good friends at home however time simply just could not allow.

Must see tourist attraction: Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. It’s exactly like Finding Nemo – attractive corals and fishes in many different shapes, size and colors – we merely wish we decided to go over and over again then perhaps we might have tried diving to have a different perspective of the Reef.

Best non-tourist attraction: Graffiti street art work in Melbourne.

Best practical experience: James got to hug a koala within the Koala Haven.

Best bargain: Sushi rolls! Bought them beginning from $2.40 AUD. two rolls had been adequate for me and very satisfying as well. Around larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, you will have a large range of different types of rolls from which to choose. Even more North is the place where it get’s costlier and sort of blah.

Biggest surprise: Just how huge Australia turns out to be. Things are a long way apart and zilch between. 10 hour coach trips so you can get from one city to the next is far, no?

Worst memento: Insect bites from Whitsunday Island which left Sara scarred for life.

Bed Bugs

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Almost nothing scares tourists like the reference to bedbugs. Since virtually disappearing during the last 50 years in America, they returned even hungrier this year, with Detroit and New York hardest hit.

However , let’s relax and also look at this dilemma a little bit deeper. Bedbugs certainly are an obstacle, although you will find a couple things to do to help lessen the risk of getting tasted, or more serious, taking the little biters home with you from your vacation.

1.Prepare yourself with Knowledge

Whenever planning places to stay, check for the latest grievances of places to stay at or, or maybe search about the motel at well-known travelling web pages such as or even

2. Explore your bedroom for bedbugs

After checking into your room or dorm, extensively inspect mattresses and also bedside furniture for indications of problems (blood or even fecal stains, as well as actual bugs). Remember one plagued room doesn’t necessarily suggest all rooms in the hotel have those, be extra sure to check the seams on mattresses, as this is a favorite hiding spot. The useful list on has useful information on eliminating bloodsuckers on aircraft, in camp tents, RVs as well as almost everywhere else you never ever thought bed bugs may possibly reside.

3. Anything you do – don’t scratch the itch

In cases where you’re unfortunate enough to become bitten, resist the temptation to scratch. Bathe the area plus combat them with an anti-septic lotion. Not certain it was a bed bug? The bites tend to be in lines or focused parts (they essentially graze all over the skin) and attacks can appear as many as two days following direct exposure. In the event there’s an insect burrowed into you, that isn’t a bedbug – seek professional medical support immediately as you may have a bush tick.

4. Don’t take the problem home with you

Prevent taking them all home by way of keeping your suitcase or backpack on a stand, and adequately beyond the bed. Package the soiled clothes in sealable bags if you think maybe you’ve experienced bedbug-infested places. Explain to your accommodation or hostel that you are thinking bedbugs and try to identify the room you stayed in.

5. Wash all your clothes and bedding – and I mean everything

Soak your clothes, in waters as hot as feasible – even if you didn’t put them on – and dry on maximum if you can. Sunshine can also be a bedbugs worst enemy.

6.Get ready for round two

Bedbugs are often infamously challenging to exterminate. They are able to live 12 months with out feeding, they’re able to reside in the littlest corners, and insect controllers in some cases must make recurring visits to eradicate them.

Some Big News From The Whitsundays

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Airlie Beach Race Week will be held between 10th and 16th August 2012. Whitsunday Sailing Club will take out the welcome mat and enable a higher amount of brand new sailors to relish the weather and amenities when they host the event later this season.

The happy group of club volunteers still talk about witnessing the record smashing New Zealand trimaran Team Vodafone in all her glory a year ago.

There’s a good chance that Sean Langman’s Team Australia which smashed the actual Multihull Brisbane to Gladstone race before dawn on Easter Saturday early morning will add to the excitement at Airlie Beach Race Week 2012.

Team Australia, a similar ORMA 60 to the thrilling speed sailing Team Vodafone, stated her spectacular speed potential when Sean Langman winner of two of three fastest times in the mono hull classic with AAPT Grundig established the fastest ever time for all classes of ocean racing when they completed the race at 3-28-21 on Easter Saturday.

These people recorded a top speed of 32.8 knots and a super fast average of 18.70 knots to be able to take 2 hours 26 minutes 48 seconds from the former record set by the Melbourne Martyn Riley skippered catamaran Fresh Nerve in 2007.

Obviously this kind of outcome and the chance of the 2 fastest yachts Team Australia and Team Vodafone going eyeball to eyeball near Airlie Beach to settle which ocean racing crew will have the right to declare the fastest ocean racer in The Southern Hemisphere stands alone as a significant drawcard.

The normal Trans Tasman rivalry may be the key subject to change although the high powered Team Australia has already demonstrated that her boat speed and it’s crystal clear Team Vodafone is capable of answering the task.

Both of these thrilling multiple hull race machines raced by skilled thrill seeking ocean adventurers promise to be the primary attraction at Airlie Beach Race Week as soon as their sails are tensioned for what promises to become the most fascinating match race ever staged in North Queensland.

Travelling to Perth? Maybe buy a Motorhome!

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Perth’s backpacker’s hostels have reached bursting point, with tourism bodies anxious at the administration of non-accredited operators due to unprecedented large demand.

Each bed in Perth’s hostel lodging was booked out last Friday night, according to well-liked backpacker reserving web site

An investigation by The West Australian last week identified West Perth backpacker hostel World Inn was making it possible for guests to sleep on a sofa for $16 an evening.

When asked in regards to the accommodation option, a supervisor with the hostel stated they didn’t offer the sofa being a sleeping arrangement simply because it will breach their lodging licence.

Town of Vincent chief government John Giorgi stated the council would investigate operations with the property for any breach of nearby legal guidelines and motion could be taken if essential.

Tourism Council chief executive Evan Hall mentioned most WA backpacker accommodation companies ended up performing an excellent career but some “rogue operators” ended up benefiting from visitors.

He stated backpacker hostels housing more friends than they were licensed to carry could be in breach of creating codes and fire security expectations.

Grievances towards operators who had been accredited with the Tourism Council could possibly be investigated but those that have been not, such as World Inn, could only be investigated with the State Government’s consumer affairs division if a client complained.